Male Infertility

Male infertility is still a difficult topic. While it is way more common in developed countries, than one might think, it is a taboo. Most men, even when effected by it, don't want to speak about it, because they feel it makes them 'unmanly'. Women seem to think more in a practical way, if they have this problem and just want to overcome it, to have a baby.

But not being able to discuss male infertility does not help in any way. If a couple is not able to conceive, and if this couple sees a doctor to find out about the causes, then sooner or later male infertility will be a topic.

In general, male infertility can be divided into 4 bigger groups:

Sexual Problems cover the more obvious reasons, like Failure to ejaculate, Premature ejaculation or the most common case: Erectile dysfunction. These cases can be treated in different ways by doctors, but also by the couple itself with not so well known techniques.

Another group of problems are hormonal problems, which cannot be spotted so easyly. They come together with more subtle male infertility signs like heavy hair loss, or pain in the testicles.

Blockage of sperm transport is only diagnosable by a doctor through a test for sperm quantity. Only 1% of men don't have sperm in their ejaculate at all and the blockage of sperm transport can be one reason for male infertility.

Another reason for male infertility is also difficult to find out without a doctor: Sperm production problems. In this case the quality of sperm is not good enough to cause a pregnancy.

To treat male infertility yourself, the first steps are always to improve your diet: Eating less and reducing weight if you are overweight, is a good idea. Another effort can be made by avoiding alcohol and smoking to be as healthy as possible. If you still cannot cause a pregnancy, and you assume or you know, that it is the male part, then considering a clinical test might be helpful.
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