Female Infertility

If you cannot conceive and if you are wondering, if it might be female infertility, then you can look out for some signs of female infertility:

If your period is over 35 days long, then this already is a sign, that female infertility could be the case. Also, if your period is less than 21 days. This is considered too short to conceive. Another strong sign of female infertility is, if you don't have a period and bleeding at all. While this also happens sometimes with strong diets, in most cases, it is a symptom of female infertility.

Some couples want to try harder, before talking to a doctor. In this case there are a few things, which you can do:

If you are overweight, or if you are on a strong vegan diet, it might be a good idea to change your eating to a more 'healthy' way. If you are a vegan, this does not mean you should eat meat. But you should consider eating more vegetable and fruits, salads and nuts. This also helps, if you are overweight, and want to loose some pounds. Either way this will be helpful for your health and the health of your baby.

Why not stop drinking right away? If you are pregnant, then alcohol should never be consumed anyway. So better start living without alcohol before conceiving. It could be a reason for female infertility in the first place!

Smoking & Other Drugs
Having a baby is a task of great and special 'work' for the body. Many resources are needed to have a healthy baby after 9 months. Smoking and other recreational drugs are not very helpful for the body. And if you take them regularly, it already leads to female infertility.

After the age of 35 the fertility of most women start to decline. In general it is not the limiting factor for having a baby. But it adds up. This means, if you are living a healthy lifestyle, then being 40 is not a problem in itself. While on the other hand, if you don't have a good diet and don't do sports at all, you can suffer of female infertility even in your 30s.

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